Come and Dress St Caron’s Well

Calling all artists, craft and other makers—-An open invitation to let your imagination run wild and join us to dress St Caron’s well.

St Caron’s Day falls on the 5th March and we’re planning a Welsh bagpipe led ‘ritual walk’ with Ceri Rhys Matthews to St Caron’s well, Tregaron.
Well dressing is prevalent across the United Kingdom. Across Wales and the UK there are ceremonies and folkloric customs associated with wells.
As far as I can tell, there’s no specific custom associated with St Caron’s well on St Caron’s day. So, this is a great opportunity to use your imagination. We can make our own tradition and celebrate St Caron and all things Tregaron.
Some wells are dressed with flowers, colourful rags, pins even. We have some ideas about what we will do. St Caron has been associated with the Chi Ro symbol, and maybe you could weave or paint somehting based on that? Just an idea! :
If you’d like to be involved, you don’t need to book or register, just join us on Saturday 5th March at 10.30 at Riverside Café. This is open to all. The well dressing will be filmed as part of our project on the well.
This site gives some great information and ideas about well dressing and activities over the weekend:…/st-carons-well-festival…/
If you have any questions or want to get involved in the project please DM me. Please like and share!

Heno, 29.10.21: Live Modular and Live Folk Flute-Noson Arbennig!

Arbenning/Arbrofol-Visionary and ancient folk tradition in the heart of mid Wales. Your Anglo-Welsh antiquaries present to you the first in a series of live space collaborations with/at Oriel Rhiannon. Kindly supported by Ty Cerdd.

Rain slashes down on Tregaron, there is a deal of darkness brooding o’er the territory. It’s not quite an Ysbrydnos, not quite Halloween and the promise of informal whiskey tasting may well warm us later, but come for the strange charm of Welsh flute folk and improvised modular synthesis, I think this will be a very special evening for the music curious…..see you later!
Hwyl am y tro

Ephemerides1: Koenig Function

Hello there!

This is the first in a new series of ad hoc/occasional/interstitial releases, ultra limited this is a run of only 23, it’s a mini cdr (3 tracks running to 14 minutes) of cybernetic based musing,….the idea with the series is to get stuff out that is loitering, verging on the edge of the precipice but maybe not quite sure if it should jump or remain, (a digital version will exist for subscribers and those who buy this; if I can work out how to do that on BC otherwise, and as originally conceived, these may be one off hard copies).

This is Koenig Function by me (Dafydd Roberts), file somewhere between Our glassie Azoth & Blodeuedd, ambient, electronic, ergodic. All sounds summer 2021. Mini CDR in sealed paper sleeve, hand-stamped card, individually numbered, with explanatory one sheet….


As of Tuesday 24th  have 10 left , total price is £3.50 postage included. If you’re interested use this link. Postage is Free in the UK-if you’re over seas and wish for one can you DM me as the link only works for GB postage. For all international standard delivery add £2



Old Million Eye on the Radio

Here’s another brilliant radio show-and many thanks to Gayle Brogan for featuring our Brian Lucas #OldMillionEye “Future Wonder” release-the whole show is great-as usual-and if you haven’t listened previously, well, I always coming away with new favourites-and purchases – so I am sure you will too… here is the link—only a handful of Old Million Eye cassette/booklet/plectrums remain though—-available in digital too of course for the modernists amongst you.

Made in Mulch-Compilation Release-Genre Agnostic


Made in Mulch- Compilation Tape & Digital Release


Listen to the Voice of Fire wants to release a tape/digital version compilation of music made in Audiomulch.

Genre Agnostic, inclusive to all identities/genders/domains. This will be released via Listen to the Voice of Fire on tape (<50) and digitally.

Deadline is October 31st-only UNRELEASED made in 2021 to be included.

Each submission will be made via We Transfer to drdafydd [dot] roberts [at]gmail [dot] com and will include:


  • wav file
  • title of work
  • url link to your site
  • country of residence.
  • 300 dpi jpg image (s) of artist or ‘the work’
  • <400 characters text file about how Mulch was incorporated in the work, what it was used for and how, not a superficial one but not a deeply technical one-include here your favourite used contraptions and why they are your favourite used contraptions.

It goes without saying that no sexism, misogyny, racism, pornographic or political polemic will be tolerated.

Would love to have as wide a mix of genders and identities/domains involved.

Free Music-Conrad Schnitzler Remix CD





Here, I made this for YOU! it’d be great to get 100 dls 🙂


I found this photo-hundreds of 7″s on the floor, paint daubed, you can listen to our (abortive) contribution to Norbert Schilling’s massive Conrad Schnitzler re-mix CD—-it was snuck away on the flip of a pastoral whim (The Magpie’s Advice):


Go here:


Redeem Codes:





Sounds from an Empty House-Starts Tomorrow

This starts tomorrow! Good luck everyone who is taking part-can’t wait to hear what comes forth
about the project : Sounds created by the Plas Bodfa itself and its immediate surroundings will be live-mixed, augmented and manipulated by 24 invited, local sound artists, groups and creatives.
Livestreaming to Youtube and Facebook Live:
Saturday, 26 June, beginning at sunrise (05:00)
live for 24 hours until
Sunday, 27 June, ending at sunrise (05:00)
The lineup:
Chaparral Andy Hodges, Katherine Betteridge, Ynyr Pritchard, etchasketch, Angela Davies, Mark Albrow, Bev Craddock, Zöe Skoulding & Alan Holmes, Super Group, Carl Osaki Richardson, ANOIKIS (Melissa Pasut & Andrew Leslie Hooker), Glyn Roberts – FFRWD, ACCRETION ENTROPY, tom.m, Hopewell Ink, Lisa Heledd Jones, Amy Sterly, Charles Gershom, Ed Wright, j Milo Taylor, Graham Hembrough

On the passing of Embla Quickbeam

I was shocked to hear that Rowan had died. I didn’t know her directly. Like many others I was drawn to her magical music. So we opened up a conversation and pre-Covid she was to play at The Shining Pyramid-now that would have been something. So, recently, learning she’d relocated to Cornwall and not far from where my sister lives, we chatted on Fb about the possibility of coming down there to do something  or that she may ‘return’ to Wales at some point for a Pyramid follow up. We were lucky enough to have received her track ‘Annwn’ for The Surface of Past Time, this is-unsurprisingly-the most played track via Bandcamp on that collection.  We were very happy that as The Shining Pyramid was cannibalised into that release and Ysbrydnos that she contributed here too.  So no LVOF live performance, no meet up in ‘real’ life but a connection was made. She created a deep score for itdreamedtome and this is testament I think to her subtle musical work. My sad condolences go to any who knew her well and all her family and loved ones.



2 Reissues available now: Our glassie Azoth & Euterpe Sequence

A couple of re-issues to melt your brain, and/or cool your worries by harsh ambience, scree flute haze, and primitive gliss guitar dronery from Ciliau Aeron, West Wales -one of these is 27 years old!
According to Forced Exposure-way back:
“Excellent debut album by two mysterious musicians from Wales/UK. Their music sounds like they have adapted parts of ‘Sternklang’ by Karlheinz Stockhausen for ten distorted guitars. Their focus is upon pure noise with an intent to locate, draw out and revel in it’s hitherto hidden harmonies. Using the rough sound of variegated tape-manipulations with some acoustic instruments such as flutes and woodblocks they enjoy to produce feedback drenched drone chaos that flutters and filters into a transmutary experience. Entirely conceived in an isolated part of Wales, their environment is both actually and musically expansive and/or desolate at turns characterized by the cyclical coloration of Nature.”
& Ed Pinsent of The Sound Projector in 1998  wrote:
“Further minimalist excursions into terror and strangeness, this one (originally) released by Tony Dale in Victoria; four long abstract tracks, including Gammae from their first single. The longest and best is the 20 minute ‘Insist upon the Way’, an astonishing meditation of noise that indeed suggests Dr John Dee at work in his reverbatory, amazed and terrified by the unstoppable power he has unleashed. A beautiful package, all sleeve components printed on textured cream art paper decorated with mad alchemical images and a lengthy quote from Eugenius Philalethes’s Lumen de Lumine, an impenetrable 17th century text.”