“And the border of Unland is just over there, behind those trees”(Matthew Francis’ notes to his edition of The Mabinogi).  Unland is an anomalous location, possibly outside physical geography.

Engage with local and remote places that evoke a Llanerch-or as per Robert MacFarlane-Lichtung-a forest clearing, lit. a “lightning”. Philosophically, a space in which a truth may disclose itself (Heidegger). Proposal

  1. We meet at these interstices/subject locations with devices (for capture and sound origination)
  2. Engage and record sound, visual, explore opportunity for interaction/technological and document with view to
  3. further iterations, or future performance.
  4. Virtual archive, complements the collection held in LLGC

we meet at Unland to audio/video interaction < March 2020 with view to performance, recording; welcome participation from remote parties as well as @ sites to include green ways, actual sites of import and etc., with real, fictional and arbitrary foci.