The Shining Pyramid


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What a treat Malady of Knots turns up- again. I’m conscious this is giving short shrift. Marking out the play of itdreamedtome from The Shining Pyramid as a cue or nudge to go listen. The segue from Amy Cutler to itdreamedtome is perfect, there’s plenty/too much to explore- good for me tonight.

The Shining Pyramid-Playlist

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First play list to get you in the zone, or at least this is the zone I have been in, as we get things ready for the events, concerts and symposium, so why not tune in…obviously not everyone here has anything to do with Wales, and not everyone here is playing, line-up details to emerge soon…


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These are the ephemera and ruminations, scraps that are in the brain leading to the symposia next March-or some at least.

I had a great afternoon drifting through some Powys related books.  Krissdottir’s book on Powys’ Magical Quest was a joy to find. It is full of the good stuff which I knew was there-and links in so well to the ideas behind The Shining Pyramid event next March. But, I left the book on the side and don’t have it now so will instead turn to another leaf that fell open.

Powys’s imagination was, primarily, mythic. That is to say he was not concerned with man’s place in society; but with man’s place in nature and his relation to cosmic forces.  In consequence, his persistent identifications of man with the cosmos he believed him to be part of, are archaic, ahistorical, and opposed in every conceivable way […] But in order to explain this point it is first necessary to return to [his] use of Welsh mythology

Writers of Wales  John Cowper Powys-by Jeremy Hooker (UWP, 1973) p. 63.