Our glassie Azoth

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New release of my noiser side-a short foray into flying things., more is imagined…It’s always a good time to subscribe to get subscriber exclusives-in the last couple of months  there have been two subscriber first/exclusive releases (a total of 7 subscriber only releases)   and the entire digital catalog of LVOF (14 digital albums), future digitals and reduction on physicals. Subscribing makes a big difference and the current price is £35 per annum.

This one is stream able or buy it for £1 at Bandcamp

Ephemerides1: Koenig Function

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Hello there!

This is the first in a new series of ad hoc/occasional/interstitial releases, ultra limited this is a run of only 23, it’s a mini cdr (3 tracks running to 14 minutes) of cybernetic based musing,….the idea with the series is to get stuff out that is loitering, verging on the edge of the precipice but maybe not quite sure if it should jump or remain, (a digital version will exist for subscribers and those who buy this; if I can work out how to do that on BC otherwise, and as originally conceived, these may be one off hard copies).

This is Koenig Function by me (Dafydd Roberts), file somewhere between Our glassie Azoth & Blodeuedd, ambient, electronic, ergodic. All sounds summer 2021. Mini CDR in sealed paper sleeve, hand-stamped card, individually numbered, with explanatory one sheet….


As of Tuesday 24th  have 10 left , total price is £3.50 postage included. If you’re interested use this link. Postage is Free in the UK-if you’re over seas and wish for one can you DM me as the link only works for GB postage. For all international standard delivery add £2



Johann Wlight, The Surface of Past Time & Moths & much more

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Great show by Gayle Brogan. I loved to hear Gayle talk Natural History. There were several new music leads for me to chase. A welcome dip into The Surface of Past Time and the excellent Old Million Eye too. I await next month eagerly.