Apple Tree Lament-LVOF related on new release in aid of Terrascopaedia

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Hello! Heads-up on a great new compilation that has an LVOF overlap-so I hope you’ll want to check it out. I just started dipping in, many unfamiliar and fondly recalled names here-all raising funds for the Terrascopaedia.

Sharron Krauss (see image) turns in a live cut form a pre pandemic performance at Listen to the Voice of Fire (March 2019) in Aberystwyth, the Astral Folk and molten Electronics shindig, during torrential rain battering the old Ceredigion Museum…hmm, I meant/mean to do a release of live tracks from LVOF and maybe that is still worth doing, let me know!!! There’s much goodness in the archives (Hawthonn, Ashtray Navigations, Laura Netz, Barrets Dottled Beauty, Kitchen Cynics Ceylan Hay, FFrwd, Somatic Frequencies, itdreamedtome spring to mind), and especially with the recent Gwyl FFynnon Caron-but there never seems to be always the time & nowadays the energy levels flux more now.

The compilation include my long-time firm  favourites like Kitchen Cynics and Pefkin. I’m pleased to see names I fondly recall like Tangle Edge so there is much for me to explore.

Terrascopaedia is a lovingly crafted letter press zine that articulates affectionate and close understanding of obscure but should be better known psych music. Music that may be long dwelling underneath the mossy rock but which deserves our attention. It’s an outstanding affair.  Let’s help Phil keep this going as we’ll be much worse off without it! I don’t know if there is doom in the air but goodness knows how he manages to craft it at such a reasonable cost.

Of course, a little closer to home, I’ll blow my own trumpet, my track- Into Fields (Alphane Moon -this time with Alan Davidson/Kitchen Cynics on reed organ and bowed bass) is worth a listen-previously unreleased or only on the subscriber only Sister of the Wood release, from December 2021-but I’m glad that it’s here.

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