Sonido Polifonico & Listen to the Voice of Fire-The Raffle!

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Into your music?
All Saturday Night ticket holders are entered into the raffle to win a bumper crop of obscure delights.
In the shameless effort to get more tickets sold our good friends at Sonido Polifonico have offered a range of now hard to find records, to which we ‘ll add in some Listen to the Voice of Fire CD and tapes and the original t shirt
….the value of these items is one thing , but the sheet enjoyment you’ll get by listening to these treats makes this a great offer. Winner announced on Saturday night…so please, if you were half thinking you might come, here’s another incentive!
Thankyou Paul Cross…
Some of the items include:
Donkey juke box Lp with lathes and prints x2
Big eyes family, Lp x2
Firefay 7′
Hey Exit 8’X2.
Luki 8”
Wooden wand 7′ & (last but not least the)

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