Modular Madness Synth Meet- Sunday 6th March 1pm, Tregaron Memorial Hall

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I’ve had a  few queries about this one…I haven’t got a synth can I still come to this? I have no idea what a modular is, can I still come?  For sure, please do! The idea is to be a kind of olde world nerd fest church jumble sale coffee morning type-vibe, if anyone remembers those?

This does remain something of a a flaky proposition still…The idea is that those fans of modular, hardware , music software, home made electronics sound devices, laptop musicians or etc will congregate, set up on a table (book first with me), maybe with their own powered monitors, or use the small PA….and everyone  can mingle, listen, (jam?) ask questions like “Why can you never have enough VCAs?”, ” What is a VCA anyway?” or “What is a Wogglebug?”, maybe have a go at patching, and just , to purloin a phrase, share and enjoy…It’s definitely about finding out, maybe swapping modules, maybe even getting the ‘bug’.

So come and spectate, browse, chat, try etc and if you want to set up a table please let me know so I can check we have enough to accommodate you!

Introducing the HUMBOX!

During proceedings there will be at least one impromptu performance. I am really pleased to introduce you to Mike McInerney and his Humbox….

“The Humbox is a primarily analog synthesiser which doesn’t do much except hum. However there’s some nice subtle control over frequency spectrum and pitch, and lots of VCAs. Mike McInerney is also a shakuhachi player. He likes natural textures and subtle noises and still thinks of himself as a composer, though most of what he’s been doing lately has been in-the-moment or collaborative. Drone Study 1 is a kind of return to type. The patch is fully notated, and there is a pre-ordained plot for how the drone’s sound evolves.”

Sounds intriguing, huh? Mike’s promised to show us some of ‘its’ tricks.  Great Stuff!

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