Made in Mulch-Compilation Release-Genre Agnostic

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Made in Mulch- Compilation Tape & Digital Release


Listen to the Voice of Fire wants to release a tape/digital version compilation of music made in Audiomulch.

Genre Agnostic, inclusive to all identities/genders/domains. This will be released via Listen to the Voice of Fire on tape (<50) and digitally.

Deadline is October 31st-only UNRELEASED made in 2021 to be included.

Each submission will be made via We Transfer to drdafydd [dot] roberts [at]gmail [dot] com and will include:


  • wav file
  • title of work
  • url link to your site
  • country of residence.
  • 300 dpi jpg image (s) of artist or ‘the work’
  • <400 characters text file about how Mulch was incorporated in the work, what it was used for and how, not a superficial one but not a deeply technical one-include here your favourite used contraptions and why they are your favourite used contraptions.

It goes without saying that no sexism, misogyny, racism, pornographic or political polemic will be tolerated.

Would love to have as wide a mix of genders and identities/domains involved.

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