On the passing of Embla Quickbeam

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I was shocked to hear that Rowan had died. I didn’t know her directly. Like many others I was drawn to her magical music. So we opened up a conversation and pre-Covid she was to play at The Shining Pyramid-now that would have been something. So, recently, learning she’d relocated to Cornwall and not far from where my sister lives, we chatted on Fb about the possibility of coming down there to do something  or that she may ‘return’ to Wales at some point for a Pyramid follow up. We were lucky enough to have received her track ‘Annwn’ for The Surface of Past Time, this is-unsurprisingly-the most played track via Bandcamp on that collection.  We were very happy that as The Shining Pyramid was cannibalised into that release and Ysbrydnos that she contributed here too.  So no LVOF live performance, no meet up in ‘real’ life but a connection was made. She created a deep score for itdreamedtome and this is testament I think to her subtle musical work. My sad condolences go to any who knew her well and all her family and loved ones.



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