2 Reissues available now: Our glassie Azoth & Euterpe Sequence

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A couple of re-issues to melt your brain, and/or cool your worries by harsh ambience, scree flute haze, and primitive gliss guitar dronery from Ciliau Aeron, West Wales -one of these is 27 years old!
According to Forced Exposure-way back:
“Excellent debut album by two mysterious musicians from Wales/UK. Their music sounds like they have adapted parts of ‘Sternklang’ by Karlheinz Stockhausen for ten distorted guitars. Their focus is upon pure noise with an intent to locate, draw out and revel in it’s hitherto hidden harmonies. Using the rough sound of variegated tape-manipulations with some acoustic instruments such as flutes and woodblocks they enjoy to produce feedback drenched drone chaos that flutters and filters into a transmutary experience. Entirely conceived in an isolated part of Wales, their environment is both actually and musically expansive and/or desolate at turns characterized by the cyclical coloration of Nature.”
& Ed Pinsent of The Sound Projector in 1998  wrote:
“Further minimalist excursions into terror and strangeness, this one (originally) released by Tony Dale in Victoria; four long abstract tracks, including Gammae from their first single. The longest and best is the 20 minute ‘Insist upon the Way’, an astonishing meditation of noise that indeed suggests Dr John Dee at work in his reverbatory, amazed and terrified by the unstoppable power he has unleashed. A beautiful package, all sleeve components printed on textured cream art paper decorated with mad alchemical images and a lengthy quote from Eugenius Philalethes’s Lumen de Lumine, an impenetrable 17th century text.”

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