Like Hyanthe All Teares

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Pre-order our new limited edition Risograph book and sound-world

Like Hyanthe All Teares- A Radiophonic Dream and text based on Thomas Vaughan’s alchemystical writing

400 years ago tomorrow, April 17th 1621, Wales’ foremost alchemist was born. Thomas Vaughan has long been my passion, subject of research and creative stimuli. It is fitting that today  I can announce our new project.

Like Hyanthe All Teares will be a limited edition (approximately 100 copies) Risograph perfect bound book circa 100 pages with colour alchemical illustrations throughout, original essays and selections of Vaughan’s text including excerpt translations from Vaughan’s unpublished private alchemical diary.  The project will see new sound worlds accompanying it in the shape of a limited edition cassette. Artists signed-up to develop works include Phosphene: Sharron Kraus: Tristan Rhys Williams: Richard Craig: Dafydd Roberts & Johann Wlight. Individually and jointly they create a radiophonic dream.

There is no public funding for this risky labour of love which is why I turn to you now. An Early Bird pre-order will help me cover some of the production costs, reprographic and license fees in the main.

All those taking advantage of the Early Bird offer will receive acknowledgement in the print copy dedication for what is sure to be an attractive, idiosyncratic and one of a kind offering.

I will be humbled and grateful to you should you choose to commit NOW for your copy, £30.00 including postage worldwide.

Please pay by PayPal by following this link: 

For anyone with a 2020/21 Bandcamp subscription to Listen to the Voice of Fire your copy is included in the subscription. Bandcamp subs of £45 gives you myriad years back catalogue recordings, LVOF digital releases and future content, subscriber only content plus 25% discount on physical merchandise.

Please note that this is a pre-order, I expect the editions to go fairly swiftly however-the publication date is not set and is due for November 2021. I’ll hold this early bird rate open for  a while. For postage reasons and fairness I can only accept single copy orders.

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