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Impromptu live ‘narrowcast’

After last week’s Ysbrydnos, I thought I’d have a go at running something myself. Direct to tape improvised/exploration. Fun to do (live). Another is likely. It has some moments, takes a fair while to ‘do’ anything, a case of analysis paralysis and is very drone based, some wayward chaos blesses proceedings in the later moments…during the stream my mouse died so I went to look for a battery, I’ll aim to do one again, probably without any visuals and a bit shorter-although it may be tempting to run all night…! I’d be happy for positive nudges or comments. First comments last night included some from porn spamming auto bot which had to be deleted, so barring that kind of comment, what do you think? Is YT live better/worse than Fb live? Stream to both simultaneously? A friend suggested narrowcast as the right term for this and I like it too.

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